Welcome to my final blog. The chosen organisation to analysis on return of investment from implementing social technology.

When every there is a new phone come out HTC like all other phone company such as Apple, Samsung, blackberry etc. will have an advertisement on TV, website, social media platform, and social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Well HTC uses different types of benefit the approach the advertisement and marketing. Most of the business will calculate the return of investment with an accounting approach, which will then compared with their past analysis for other product that was produce. The picture below is the formula in calculating the ROI (Return of Investment).


Now I will provide 2 different videos of HTC product, which is HTC one and HTC one mini.

HTC one

Tangible Benefits

  • The current YouTube subscribers have a total of 313,951 loyalty viewer
  • Currently have 759,459 followers on Twitter
  • Official Facebook page has 3,413,562 likes and 44,092 people talking about it
  • Most popular age group on Facebook is 18 – 24 years old

Intangible Benefits

  • Number of people buying the product
  • number of people looking at their Youtube video but don’t press the like button
  • The amount of people reach out by social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google +)


  • Well known and love brand and quality of smartphone
  • Modify previous models made it easier to implement into new model
  • Using previous sales statistics enabled to foresee the project outcomes


  • Sales and marketing of new products
  • implementing more in advertising the new products on social media platform

To wrap up this weeks blog, it’s clearly stratify why HTC have so many viewers when new smartphone comes out and the number of people looking at the review of the new smartphone, but the amount people that are willing to buy the new smartphone is very little compare to Apple and Samsung smartphones.


Social Media Monitoring: Starbucks

Hello everyone and welcome to my week 9 blog. The organisation/company that i am going to talk about is Starbucks. Starbucks is one of the worlds leading company that sells a high-quality whole bean coffees. The monitoring tools that i have chosen to do my analysis on is ‘Addictomatic’ and ‘Tweetreach’.



Addictomatic is a free online social media monitoring tool which provides a other feeds such as blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Google blog search & Bing News results. The obvious issue that majority of us encountered whilst searching for ‘Starbucks’ is that it will be very  difficult to determine which keyword was most effective to search for.

Out of all the feeds WordPress, Bing news and Flickr had the most relavent and accurate result out of the rest of the other feeds that was on the page.



Tweetreach opposed to Addictomatic gave a more broad value of accounts that have certain keywords. i have used the same keywords “starbucks”, and it has pulled up to 41,379 accounts, with an activity of 50 tweets within just a day. The number of exposure that ‘starbusks’ have is 46,796 impressions.

Overall i think that ‘starbucks’ is doing a very good job, but need to boardcast some of the new coffee, dessert, or any special offer that their will be providing in some of the social network such as Twitter and Facebook, and not just doing advertisement in promoting on the website itself. I hope you all have enjoy reading the blog.

Apple: Blog, Twitter, Wiki

Welcome to another week of blog. This weeks bog is about the use of social media and other related tools that you might have already known.

Apple contains all 3 of these social media tools, which are Blog, Twitter and Wiki, also include other social media tools and social networks.


Apple is currently adopts an effective blogging strategy; most of the front page blogs will contain updates, such as new product or software that is coming out soon. The update notes they provide definitely engage the reader instantly, boosting the organisations advertisement and user traffic.



Twitter and Facebook can generally be more simplify. Some of the brief technology update description can tell the user’s newsfeeds that are subscribed or following Apple.



Wiki is generally contains technical FAQ’s and support for Apples users and also fix similar problems without technical support. This could be thought of as a strategy for Apple not completely being dependant for user enquires.


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Non profit organization effecting social media

Welcome back to another week of blogging. Will this weeks topic is how social media affects and non profit organization and how will enterprise 2.0 be implementation. The organization that I have selected is World Vision.

To the people that don’t know, World vision is an non profit organization that help with fund raising to help people around the world.

The mission statement in this organisation is “who we are”, “Who we serve”, “What we do”, and “Why we serve”.


One of the events World Vision do every year is “40 Hour famine”. This event is that you have to give up 40 hours for something, and also fund raising to help people.

World vision is currently utilizes the majority of social tools. The main social tools World vision uses Facebook, Twitter, and advertisement. Some of the other social tools that social tools use are YouTube, Instagram, Gmail etc.


In conclude the 2 main social tools that world vision use is Facebook and Twitter. Their always update the current information as quick as possible to the social tools and the website.

How legal risk has impacted on social media

Hi everyone

This week is about the content of legal risk on social media for company.


The legal social issue is also include confidential information, security, privacy, and monitoring.

Confidential information

Confidential information such as trade secret and product design may spread out by your employee though social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.


All the employees sometimes may over share of others. For example, CEO, manager, and other faculties in the organisation. This is also a security problem with personal information and also organisation information that might also share with others.


Most of the customer privacy is important not to share to public without their agreement. For example, employees can’t share what product the customer has brought.


It is important that the information that has been posted on social media is correctly. The company should take any actions if there is any fake comments that might impact on the company.

In conclusion, HTC has been managing all the information that there are sharing in a good way. At the moment on Facebook page HTC has 3,362,576 likes and 62,502 has been discussing on the page.

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How MYER has contributed in social media and web

Hello everyone. Today i am going to talk about Myer a retail store in Australia that has open for over 100 of years.

Myer is Australia’s largest department store group and has been synonymous with style and fashion for over 100 years. Their sells verity of stuff such as,  music, videos, accessories, computers, home entertainment systems and clothes.

Well firstly, MYER has done lots of different ways to utilise online tools such as website, social media (Facebook, Twitter) to promote themselves more around the social media.

1. Facebook (


By using Facebook as a utilise tools to post ad, messages, products, and questions presents the opportunities for users/customers to interact by liking, sharing and commenting on the latest post on Facebook.

2. Online Store (


With most of the online shop, they will utilise an online transaction system when customers are trying to browse and buy stuff online from our website. Within the online store it also gives the customer an option to choose if their wanted to be delivered or pick up from the nearest store from where you live, an review of the product, sharing the product to different social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +), and finally saving the product as an wishlist.

With MYER on the social web, it will help to improve the business operation, for the business and deliver the best service to the customers.

Here comes the end of this weeks blog. Feel free to leave any comments down. Have a good week guys.

3 Useful Web2.0 Tools for Work/Students

Hi everyone just want to share some web2.0 tools that i have discover that is useful for activities, studies, and other usage.

1. Google Doc


Google Docs is actually click edit and save. All the editing can be seen and viewed in real time, for example, if I are working on the same documents on different computers. The other group member writes their paragraph into the page and I can see each individual character the my group member types from my end of the computer. This real time editing is why Google Docs may be easier to use, and it is also easy to collaborate group assignments together after everyone else have finish their parts. In order to use Google Docs you will need to create an account in order to use it.

2. Social media


In the Social media their are several types such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. Social media tools can bring to us different alternative way to communicate, not only just words, but can used music or pictures to people looking at your post/blog in any social media tools. For me I only use Facebook, because it is easy to communicate with people.

3. Trello


Trello is an online tool where you can organise all your day-to-day work/activities. Trello is a every easy tools to use, and it will also keep track of everything that you are doing every day. For example, if you have a project you can add all your members who are doing this project, so all your group member who is in this project can see what are the tasks that need to be complete by what time. This is a good tool to use, so what you won’t ,miss out on any deadline or when stuff are about to handed in.